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  1. Ronnie April 2, 2013 12:07 am  Reply

    What I mean is,All this wireless stuff is mareetkd to the masses as something that is essential to do business or communicate with friends. It’s not necessary at all, most of it is bling and fluff that is cheaply made in foreign sweat shops by multi-national corporations to make huge profits.Take the case of wireless utility revenue meters (SmartMeters). More advanced electric meters have been in use for years that transmit total cumulative usage data on analog phone lines, digital subscriber lines (DSL), coaxial cable, fiber optic cable, ethernet cable (CAT 5,6,7,8 and now 9e, RS-232, power line carrier and RS-485 computer cables.These advanced (AMI) meters are at least 10 times as expensive as the simple AMR SmartMeters, but they have more advanced functions like bi-directional flow monitoring for solar systems and monitoring the power condition and quality of the grid power that is being fed into the meter. No utility meter, either AMI or AMR can monitor individual appliances or devices down line from the meter. So, the current deployment of SmartMeters is not necessary at all for saving energy, the sole purpose is to automate meter reading and eliminate good paying union jobs .But one thing that I will admit, being a small business owner who has to perform services out in the field, using a simple mobile phone for voice only sure makes my job easier.What has happened is that mobile phones are now being mareetkd heavily to everyone, even kids. In the old days, mobile phones were 3 watts, only people that actually needed them had them, and their were far less mobile phone towers.Now that the governments have welcomed the mobile phone networks and have encouraged sales to billions of kids, tens of thousands of more towers must be built and installed everywhere.What started out as a great service for important people to use for communications has mushroomed into a proliferation of toys , gadgets and SmartMeters that really are not necessary, just a way to make huge dollars for the exploitive multi-national corporations when the rest of the world’s economy is tanking.

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