Electromagnetic Pollution

Electromagnetic Pollution


In totalling all of our modern day exposures – We are exposed to 200,000,000 times more EM fields in our environment today than our ancestors. This is WAY more than our circuits can handle.

EMF is classified as a Group 2B carcinogen under standards established by the World Health Organization’s Agency for Cancer Research. The chemicals DDT and lead are also Group 2B carcinogens. ( Source: National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences)

It’s become a mounting problem…

EMF’s or Electro-Smog is the # 1 Pollutant- They are invisible, silent and  ubiquitous.
In fact, more studies exist showing the adverse effects of EMF’s (electromagnetic fields) than there are studies showing risks for cancer by smokers.  In May 2006, the London Observer reported the growing concern about what it called the ‘invisible smog’ that has been created by the ‘electricity that powers our civilization’.
Scientific evidence showed that this was: 

  • ‘giving children cancer
  • causing miscarriages
  • suicides
  • making some people allergic to modern life‘.
Most people today carry a cell phone and wouldn’t be without one in their day to day businesses.
Cell phones are more toxic and more carcinogenic than tobacco. Cell phones emit 3 types of radiation

- Antenna emits radio frequencies and microwaves
- Circuitry and battery emits extremely low frequencies

Approximately 20-80% of the radiation from the antennae penetrates up to 2 inches into the brain.Cell phones carried in belts expose other areas of the body to harmful EMF’s. Children
are extremely vulnerable- 50% more radiation is absorbed by a 10 year old than an adult due to their thin skulls, smaller heads and developing nervous systems. 

Cell Phone Radiation 


In Japan, legislation is being introduced to ban their use in restaurants. There are 203 million Americans using cell phones and over 2.13 billion worldwide users – and each year the numbers rise-  it’s the most popular item known to man.

It’s a multi-billion dollar wireless communications industry.
Never have we seen a technology grow so rapidly and so profoundly in transforming the global village. By 2010- 90% of the world’s population will have mobile phones and wireless internet.

Cell phones can create microwave like effects on the human body when used in a train or an elevator as in a metal box.   The microwaves bounce off, in around and through the train, like food being cooked in a microwave oven.  You are bombarded with the phone off and worse when the phone is on.

Dr. George Carlo, an epidemiologist, lawyer, chief scientist  who headed the world’s largest research effort into wireless safety, also co-author with journalist Martin Schram of “Cell Phones: Invisible Hazards in the Wireless Age” pointed out 4 major findings in his research:

1.cell phones interfere with pacemakers,
2.developing skulls of children are penetrated deeply by the energy emitted from a cell phone,
3.the blood brain barrier which prevents invasion of the brain by toxins can be compromised by the cell phone radiation, and most startling,
4.radio frequency radiation creates micronuclei in human blood cells, a type of genetic damage known to be a diagnostic marker for cancer.” Found in cell phone users!!

Science now has a technology to capture energy information


The Gas Discharge Visualization Technique invented by physicist, researcher,
scientist, Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, advanced a tool for the first time in Science to study the body-mind functions by reading the Human Energy Field. It has been medically approved in Europe with a 98% accuracy as a diagnostic tool compared to conventional medical tests.

The GDV camera is the first device in the world which measures the distribution of biological objects.

*The Russian Ministry of Health certified the GDV technique as a medical instrument in January 2000.

Dr. Konstantin Korotkov


“When we observe the play of light around the  human body, drop of water or crystal, we understand that everything in the world has an interrelationship and any object- biological or inorganic- has its own inner energy . Material existence is first of all, energy and therefore- Spirit.

When we observe changes of the human biological field under influences of therapy, meditation, prayer, love, it makes us see the world  around us with different eyes.”

Dr. Konstantin Korotkov

Dr. Konstantin Korotkov is Professor of Physics at the St. Petersburg State Technical University in Russia.
He has published over 70 papers in leading journals in physics and biology.
He holds 12 patents in biophysics inventions.
He has over 25 research years combining scientific methods with an insatiable curiosity of the things of the Spirit and the soul with deep respect for all life.
He is also a scholar in philosophy. Read more about GDV KIRLIAN

Before- Adrian a 16 year old suffered with sleep deprivation headaches and pain.


Adrian had an electrical transformer outside her bedroom window.
With an energy balancer placed in her home- she slept peacefully and regained her health. Notice the gaps along her spine.

Adrian- After one month with a protective device in the home.


Adrian slept peacefully, experienced no pain and felt energized. She even lost some weight that she wanted to lose for awhile

Notice the improvement along her spine – as it shows more closure

Cell phones- fracture my client’s energy field


My client had her cell phone on while we took this Kirlian picture.
It’s quite evident how the EMF’s disturb her field. Notice the gaps!
She complained of feeling buzzed and dizzy when her phone was on.

My client afterwards with an energy balancer


My client held an energy balancer while the phone was switched on. As you can see the balancer does work.
Not all energy devices however do work as well as this one to balance the energy field.

Please be mindful when purchasing such energy devices.

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