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Kirlian Analysis


 Why Assess Your Human Energy Field?
All disease originates in consciousness.  Many ancient cultures and philosophies speak about seven subtle bodies or realms of consciousness that
manifest in and around the physical body.  The magnetic and electric emanations of these subtle bodies of consciousness form the human aura.
Earlier research proved that all living organisms are surrounded by a subtle energy field.  More importantly, the growth or program of every organism is influenced by the electrical field that surrounds it.  Illness can appear in the energy field weeks and even months before it appears in the body.  In other words, the energy field is a cosmic blueprint.

Physicist Tiller, says that the thoughts that one creates generate patterns at the mind level of nature.  Illness eventually becomes manifest from the altered mind patterns through the rachet effect – first to the etheric level and then to the physical level, as disease.  Many unconsciously imagine illness much before it manifests in the physical.  Tiller believes that disease recurs, because only the physical level is treated.  If the energy field were treated as well, there would be lasting cures.

Further to this, Dr. DeVita recommends the movie “What the Bleep Do We Know”.  It is now available on DVD and more elaborately demonstrates this quantum reality.

What is Kirlian?

Kirlian Photography was discovered in Russia in 1939.  The technique used pulsed high voltage frequencies and electron cascades to take pictures of the usually invisible, electromagnetic energy fields or ‘aura’ that surrounds everything from humans to inanimate objects.  This field is represented by a series of layered colours surrounding the body that are said to represent your physical and emotional state of health.Research conducted over the last 20 years by Prof. Korotkov and his team has confirmed beyond doubt, that recording the bio-energy field distribution from the electro-photographic emission of the fingertips provides a very comprehensive image of the function of the entire mind-body system.  Dr. Korotkov, a highly regarded international scientist, developed a new instrument – solid-state Computerized Gas Discharge Visualization camera – based on the well-known Kirlian Effect.  The GDV instrument creates a high intensity electric field around the object that is set on the plate of the instrument.  The electric field produces a visible gas discharge flow around the object (a Kirlian picture).  The image is transferred to a PC computer in real time using built in video techniques and modern electronics.  This aura-imaging technique is especially useful to show changes in the subtle energy distribution around the human body before and after any experience.

GDV2Your Aura

Kirlian uses cutting-edge camera technology to let the invisible electromagnetic energy field or “aura” that surrounds everything from humans to inanimate objects be seen.This energy field is represented by a series of layered colours surrounding a body or object that represent your physical and emotional state of health. This display quickly shows the patterns and blocks held in your blueprint.

The most intriguing aspect of the Kirlian photograph is the information that it can give about your psychological condition. The Kirlian photograph can show psychological withdrawal, emotional disharmony, unfulfilled potential, stress (both past and present), strength of will, suitability of environment, circumstances or relationships, psychic, sensitive and healing gifts and more. The situation before and after healing and other therapeutic effects can also be seen.

Your Kirlian image can be used to reflect the patterns of your life and can be a wonderful tool for exploration, discovery and realignment. Kirlian photography is a remarkable tool for gaining insight into ourselves and it confirms that all is energy and energy is everywhere.

GDV3GDV Camera

The “GDV Camera by Dr. Korotkov” is the first device in the world that measures the energy level distribution of biological objects (energy gomeokinesis).  Operation of the camera is based on computer registration of evoked bioelectrographic signals and estimation of state by means of non-linear mathematics and “data mining” methods.  The technique is based on long-term
developments by Russian scientists and it has successfully passed clinical tests
in Russia, England, the USA, Germany, and Slovenia.  It is acknowledged in many countries throughout the world
Visit the GDV website for more details.

GDV Kirlian’s main opportunities and applications include:

    • Analysis of energy homeostasis of separate organs and systems of an organism
    • Quantitative estimation of health level coupled with revealing anxiety zones
    • Quantitative estimation of stress level
    • Evidence of the mind-body activity after death
    • Monitoring of state in the course of therapy and preparation for the operation and evaluation of influence of various factors upon a patient’s state
    • Control of state of complex systems operators
  • Analysis of biological liquids, plants, and substances.

What Can The GDV Camera Do For You?

The BEO GDV Camera and software provides a means to examine your state of energy on a variety of different levels such as:- Your psychological type and stress level

-The energy condition of your systems and organs

- Quantitative monitoring of your condition during the course of any treatments or in the process of specific external influences such as training, meditation, healing, etc.

-Analysis of the effects of test loads 

- Analysis of the effects of subtle influences such as homeopathy, flower essences, essential oils and wave therapy, including allergic reactions on your energy.- Investigation of compatibility and influence of people on one another


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